This topic is probably a topic of many millions of blog users out there. Before I start writing what self-respect is, let me share with you a little discovery about myself. I was a low-confident, lack of self-esteem, did not think I was perfect at all. But little did I know that, because of my thoughts, I really became my thought. I started doing things and putting up arbitrary limitations on myself. For instance, if there was a task at hand, if I considered it to be difficult, I would just not to do it at all. Because, of my mere thought of having low confidence in myself. And having this low confidence, means that I was very prone to being negative as a person. I will blame the whole world and lashing out people around me, for my misfortunes. One day, I realised this bad habit of mine. I wanted to change. I was sick of myself for brooding over all my misfortunes, failures and shortcomings. And I was being the most unrealistic person, thinking that I could go through life without making any mistakes and failures. I was chasing the wind, rather than focusing on how to make and create the wind myself. That could be using a fan, making a fan, fixing a fan, or purchasing a fan. This constant negative whirlpool has caused a shake in my mind, health and well being. It was extremely toxic and it sucked out the person in me. If you do catch yourself realising, this is what you should do.


  • Be aware that your mistakes and misfortunes do not change you as a person.
  • Be proud of yourself rather than obtaining others’ validation
  • When you make mistakes, it is okay, learn from it but don’t dwell on it.
  • Don’t get too caught up with your expectations, as expectations can be changed, it never stays the same.
  • Just because you failed, it really does not mean you failed life, you are still you. Failure is an event, not a human being.
  • Lastly, never give up on yourself, don’t belittle yourself, because you really have only yourself and you will live a long way to go with yourself. 🙂

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